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Shanghai, referred to as the "Shanghai" or "Shen", the people's Republic of China, China's National Center City, China's economic, financial, trade, shipping center, the first coastal open city. Is located in the Yangtze River into the sea mouth, across the East China Sea and the Japanese island of Kyushu across, Hangzhou Bay to the South and West and the two provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang phase. [1-2]

Shanghai is a national historical and cultural city, has a profound cultural heritage of modern cities and many historical monuments. Jiangnan traditional Wuyue culture and Western incoming industrial culture is formed by the fusion of Shanghai's unique Shanghai culture, [3] of Shanghai is the Department of Jiangsu and Zhejiang people use Wu. [4] early in the Song Dynasty, the "Shanghai" in the name, after 1843, Shanghai has become the commercial port opening to the outside world and quickly became the first city in the Far East, today's Shanghai has been successfully held for the 2010 World Expo, China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, and so on large international events.
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